Dani Eaton, Tax Associate (Southern Utah University). "I chose to work at PBTK because of the positive interactions I had with the shareholders, principals, and managers during my interviews and office visit. I also valued the fact that I would get to work on a variety of industries from the very beginning. I was immediately trusted with daily communication with clients and was working on complex returns right away."

Tingting Wong, Audit Associate (University of Nevada-Reno). "I chose to work at PBTK because the firm had a great reputation in the Las Vegas community. The company allowed me to gain experience from a variety of industries and clients. It has been a rewarding experience working with such a talented and helpful group of colleagues."

Ryan Whitman, CPA, Audit Principal (Notre Dame). "Even after ten years at PBTK, I am continually learning something new and I feel challenged in my work. Before learning about PBTK, I thought I would have to work at a national firm to get the kind of experience I have had here. I originally chose PBTK over other firms because I saw opportunity to grow with the firm and work on a variety of clients. I enjoy working with my colleagues at PBTK on a daily basis. Since the firm hierarchy is somewhat flat, the partners work directly with you and welcome interaction from staff at all levels."

Eric Nielson, Tax Associate (Southern Utah University). "At PBTK, the staff and management take the time to talk to you. The seniors, managers and partners are approachable and helpful. People take the time to help me learn and progress, and I have really enjoyed working with my coworkers for the past two years.

Kade Stratton, Former Audit Principal (University of Nevada-Las Vegas). "I originally took the job at PBTK over another firm because I knew I would learn more here and continue to grow every year, instead of plateauing early on with the other firm. There is something to learn every day here. At PBTK, we service numerous industries and our clients all vary in size so each client presents a new challenge. I also enjoy the people that I work with and the atmosphere of teamwork."

Drew Ferguson, Audit Associate (Southern Utah University). "When I was researching accounting firms, I liked how the PBTK website includes bios for all the Seniors, Managers and Principals at the firm, including personal details about their interests and hobbies. I could tell these were people I would enjoy working with on a team. I feel very comfortable approaching all of them with questions and they help whenever they can."

Chad Shipp, Former Audit Associate (Southern Utah University). "When I was interviewing before graduation, I wasn't sure which industry I would like working in best, so I chose PBTK because you get to work with companies of all sizes in a large variety of industries. I have been able to gain a wide range of experience and find out what I'd really like to do with rest of my career. Also, I enjoy my audit team and I have gotten to know them well during our jobs. We switch up teams, clients and industries often enough to keep things interesting."