• Shareholder Buyout
    • Jointly retained by the parties to apply percentage of completion accounting in determining the relevant value indicator


  • Employee Misconduct
    • Calculated damages related to activities identified

Commercial Leasing

  • Tenant - Landlord Dispute
    • Determined appropriate common costs for multiple years as an appointed special master.
  • Tenant - Landlord Dispute
    • Quantified unreported percentage rents.


  • Contract Damages
    • Quantified damages related to multi-year contracts, work orders, and related invoices.
  • Dissolution of an Ownership Structure
    • Court ordered investigation of revenue and expense recognition associated with 20 contracts.
  • Shareholder Dispute
    • Court ordered investigation of accounting and tax transactions related to a heavy equipment operator.
  • Lost Profits Calculation
    • Estimated damages from a breach of contract in a construction defects related case.

Corporate M&A Dispute

  • Contract Damages
    • Calculated damages resulting from ownership dilution related to specific transactions.
  • Investigation of Operating Performance
    • Applied GAAP and calculated damages associated with underreported “earn-out” criteria.


  • Malpractice
    • Lost profits calculation associated with defective work.

Distribution / Manufacturing

  • Lost Profits Calculation
    • Estimated damages to a start-up business resulting from a breach of contract by a manufacturer.

Estate & Trusts

  • Identification of Diverted Assets
    • Calculated damages related to the diversion of assets from a decedents estate.

Gaming Industry

  • Employee Fraud
    • Performed financial analysis and forensic investigation to support an insurance claim.
  • Patent Infringement
    • Estimated reasonable royalties associated with an alleged infringement.
  • Trademark Infringement
    • Estimated reasonable royalties associated with an alleged infringement.

Insurance Defense

  • Loss of Earnings
    • Analyzed a loss of income claim and personal net worth issues.

Professional Firms

  • Employee Fraud & Abuse
    • Investigated expense reimbursements to identify potential misappropriations.

Real Estate / Oil & Gas

  • Parner Dispute
    • Jointly retained by the parties to develop a multi-year accounting from records of partners with adverse interests.

Real Estate / Development and Operation

  • Partnership Dispute
    • By Court Order, investigated accounting transactions for a multi-segment family-owned business.

Retail / Wholesale

  • Lost Profits Calculation
    • Retained jointly to calculate lost profits from business interruption.
  • Shareholder Misconduct
    • Performed financial analyses of accounting records, tax returns and bank accounts, and conducted a forensic investigation into the possible diversion of profits.
  • Forensic Accounting Investigation
    • Retained by an insurance company to perform a forensic investigation of a $450,000 inventory fire loss claim.

Trucking Industry

  • Shareholder Misconduct
    • Perform a forensic investigation of a business for a minority shareholder.