Piercy Bowler Taylor & Kern | Taxation

We help our clients keep more of what they make – and who wouldn’t want that? Our tax specialists look beyond the numbers and due dates, to plan and structure, to flag problems, and to uncover the most favorable tax advantages and strategies for our clients.

We understand that our clients' fortunes are generally tied up in their businesses. It takes careful and effective planning and a one-on-one relationship to maximize our clients' earnings and minimize taxes, while balancing their personal and business needs.

Our firm's tax services include:

  • Small business tax planning and preparation
  • Individual tax planning and preparation
  • Tax planning for high net-worth individuals
  • Estate planning
  • Representation before IRS and state authorities
  • Advance rulings requests
  • Buy/sell agreement analysis
  • Corporate restructurings

Avoiding Liability
We are committed to providing our clients with full and complete advice so they may make informed decisions to help them avoid taking any improper position or action on any tax matter or in any dealings with the IRS. We advise them of the risk of any additional tax liabilities, interest and penalty assessments with regard to any action or transaction they may be undertaking. We help our clients fully understand the potential consequences of their proposed positions or transactions.

Tax Philosophy
In preparing a client’s income tax return we generally take a favorable tax position when we believe there is "substantial authority.” When questions arise, we discuss them with the client and make a recommendation for a position to be taken. When we believe there is a high degree of uncertainty as to whether "substantial authority" exists, we prepare the return using the favorable position if, in our judgment, there is a "reasonable basis" for the position, and it is disclosed on the return.

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